Below are the presentations shared by APLA2014 speakers, listed in order of presentation. Please note that we have opted not to include the Ignite presentations, as the strongly visual content would make little sense without the accompanying talk.

Wednesday, June 4

eResearch @ UPEI : Highlighting Evolving Roles for LibrariesDawn Hooper, Mark Leggott, Donald Moses

The Partnership: bringing member benefits to Canadian library workers / Lou Duggan

Crafting a Dynamic Gaming Program for Teens: the Moncton Public Library Minecrafting Club / Beatrice Houston, Andrew Lockhart

Engagement and Outreach in Scholarly Communications Initiatives / Roger Gillis, Michael Nason

Spotlight on Special Collections: Four unique collections in Atlantic Canada:

Developing a Community-Led Public Library / John Pateman

“Bears, blue potatoes, and strong drink”: Bringing the 1876 Prince Edward Island Historical Survey into the SpotlightSimon Lloyd, Donald Moses


Thursday, June 5

Discover Multicultural Ontario: Digitizing cultural diversity for online discovery / Sarah Warner, Jess Posgate

Trends in Questionable Journal Publishing: A Year in Review / Lise Brin, Lisa Goddard

And the Walls Come Crumbling down: Engaging faculty and Enhancing Student Success in an Academic Library / Suzanne van den Hoogen, Laurinda Matheson

African Travels: A Journey into Community, Self-Discovery and Records Management / Carly Brake

Voyage en Afrique : À la découverte de la communauté, de soi et du classement de la documentation / Carly Brake


Friday, June 6

Hiring for 21st Century Libraries: Atlantic Canadian Research-based Insights / Fiona Black, Alison Black

Not bound by print: online journals and weeding periodicals in Atlantic academic libraries / Melissa Belvadi, Anne LePage, Brian McNally, Jocelyne Thompson

Too Cool for School: Creating an awesome program for Homeschoolers / Nancy Cohen, Renée Beaulieu

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    1. It’s our pleasure to make the presentations (that were provided) available to all! This list is not quite complete, but maybe we’ll get lucky and receive a few more. 🙂

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