Call for Volunteers

The APLA 2014 Conference is fast approaching, and even if you’re not presenting you can still Step into the Spotlight by volunteering!  Your assistance can make all the difference in making sure everyone has a terrific conferencing experience.

Here are some of the volunteering opportunities :

  • Session moderator : Why not take on the role of moderator for sessions you plan to attend so you won’t miss out on any of the action?  We’ll provide you with the background information and instructions you need to make sure the sessions run smoothly and on schedule. Interested parties can contact Amanda Horsman ( to add their name to the list. Be sure to indicate if you’re willing to moderate more than one session, and how many.
  • Registration desk : Want to be one of those friendly faces that welcomes delegates to the conference? Consider spending a block of time at the registration desk. We already have a few volunteers for this task, but we are still seeking a few more. Interested parties can contact Nadine Morin ( to add their name to the list.
  • Other options : Want to help in any way convenient? Perhaps you might like to connect with our exhibitors by helping them set up and tear down their booths, and giving solo exhibitors a little break here and there.  Or maybe you’re an ace with a camera and you’d like to snap lots of pictures to share with everyone. If you’d like to put your name in for whatever needs doing, please e-mail us at  

We’d like to thank those who have already signed up for volunteer duties while filling out the conference registration form, and we’ll be in touch with everyone as soon as we have filled all the volunteering needs.  You can volunteer either by e-mailing us directly or by indicating your interest on the registration form when you register.

A friendly reminder that early-bird registration ends in just a few days!  Be sure to register by April 15th to take advantage of the discounted pricing:

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